Hear "The Real Deal" from One of All Covered's Long-Time Employees, in his Own Words

"Have you ever really liked a job? Have you ever been passionate about what you were doing on a daily basis, and been appreciated for darn near every task you do?

If someone had said these words to me four years ago, it would have brought to mind Chris Farley and his Saturday Night Live motivational speaker routine. Now before I start waving my arms and yelling like a wild man, let me calm down and say that before I started with All Covered, it had been a while since I’d been passionate about my work. Are you passionate about technology? Do you have strong field experience? Do you like people? Well, that was my start.


Today, I’m on the road daily to a location that I’ve been to before, where I know the people and they’re glad to see me. Why are they glad to see me?  Because I fix their computer 'headaches'. I show them time saving tricks that make their job easier, and if I’ve done my job right, I make the headaches go away for long periods of time. The best part is that it’s up to me, and my team of associates, to make this happen at every location, each week.

Why is that the best part? It means that, even though I have a ‘boss,’ I’m my own problem solver, solution provider, project planner and quality control – and I have a nationwide resource of consultants who do what I do every day - talk about a knowledgebase! With one phone call or quick email, I have answers within minutes. Sometimes others call me, and I return the favor of a solution. It’s a team effort, and I know my effort makes a difference. My clients and other consultants tell me and that goes a long way towards making my day seem worthwhile.

The company motto is to be a ‘HERO,’ to take ownership and pride in doing one’s best. Now this hero business sometimes seems fairly corny, but when another employee receives the All Covered HEROES award, I’m proud for him or her, and I know the award is well earned. In my daily job, I work hard to do my best, and sometimes people I barely know can’t thank me enough for taming an ornery computer, or for getting the printer working on pay day. Hah! That’s when life is good, real good.

Because my client environment varies daily, it gives me the opportunity to learn something new, to expand my skills, to learn more about what I really like doing: making technology work and work well. 

In the past, I’ve been asked, ‘Why do you like your job so much?’ I’m doing what I like to do. I like the people I work with, and I know that I have plenty of backup, nationwide, wherever I might be. That goes a long way to making my life simpler, and it raises the quality of my daily life.

When I think about my job, there are few things that are ‘easy’ about being an IT consultant, but that’s also the challenge. I know I have a team that I respect and rely on to help me get my work done, and ultimately that, along with the quality of life, is why I work for All Covered."

IT Sales Consultant
Los Angeles, CA

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