Answer six simple questions to measure the health of your technology. You'll get a complimentary action plan from Konica Minolta's All Covered IT services division. It'll help you fix any major IT vulnerabilities before they turn into larger issues for your business.

1. Does your organization have an Information Security Officer that is independent of the IT group and maintains a direct line to the board?

2. Does your organization maintain a Written Information Security Program that is updated on an annual basis and meets NIST Standards?

3. Has your organization implemented a solution to manage and store all logs for forensic purposes as well as alerts on active directory and other security threats?

4. Does your institution have a classification structure for file data that ensures data is securely stored and limits access to certain roles or user profiles?

5. Is it easy to find the properly skilled IT personnel when you need them to manage your business needs?

6. Does your organization have off-site backups of your data and infrastructure, able to meet critical recovery timelines and tested on an annual basis?

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