Building an end-to-end mobile strategy

With the proliferation of mobile devices, many companies are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs or a hybrid approach that allows employees to use a combination of corporate and personal devices. But securing employee-owned devices and supporting different mobile platforms can create complex issues for IT departments. With All Covered's comprehensive platform that includes scalable Mobile Device Management (MDM) features, companies can easily deploy and manage an effective mobile strategy. 

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Mastering the Mobile Workplace

When selecting a mobility management solution that best suits your company's individual needs, there are three components it should have:

Mobile Device Management
App Management
Mobile Content Management

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the Mobile Workplace
Device choice

Device choice

Our solutions support all major mobile platforms, allowing you to implement a flexible BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program. Your employees can choose from the latest makes and models for their smartphones, tablets and laptops, while management defines devices eligible for enrollment with custom device whitelists and blacklists.

Corporate resources

Corporate resources

All Covered enables secure access to enterprise resources from employee-owned devices. Users are authenticated through a simple enrollment process and connected to intranet sites, corporate content, apps, Wi-Fi, VPN networks and more from their mobile devices.



Our solutions enable companies to separate corporate and personal data on mobile devices through customizable privacy policies. GPS location, personal user information and telecom data can remain private, and employee-owned devices can be protected from a full device wipe or remote control. Businesses, meanwhile, can mitigate the risks presented when employee-owned devices access corporate resources.



Corporations need to enable employee devices without sacrificing IT security requirements. All Covered provides enterprise-grade security for corporate resources and applications that are delivered to a device while preserving the separation of corporate and personal data. Organizations can compartmentalize and manage enterprise apps and data without having to manage an entire device.

All Covered Mobile Management

All Covered’s Mobile Management service helps ensure that mobile devices on your network, whether they are owned by your organization or your employees, have access to the right resources with the right security in place.

Global Architecture
Easy Device Enrollment
Custom Device Profiles

Automated Compliance
Real-time Dashboards
Device Commands and Messaging

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